Amazon Innovating Delivery

Amazon Innovating Delivery

Amazon is one of the worlds largest marketplaces and they are always working hard to create a better experience for their customers and sellers. Although eCommerce shopping takes place online, one of the most fundamental aspects of the business is getting the physical products to the customers.  To compete with the ever changing market they have begun rolling out new methods of delivery, re-imagining the “other half” of online sales.

A New Era

Surpassed only by the United States Post Office, Amazon has been leading the way in home delivery. With fleets of vehicles able to get packages to the customers doors, they have transformed a process that once took weeks into just a few days (or less). Now they are taking it to the next level with days becoming hours, and in some cases even minutes.

Prime Air is Amazon’s drone delivery program and it is set to go live in Lockeford, California this year. These drones have been developed with advanced technology to allow them to operate without the need for human observers to guide them. The senors and AI allow the automated drones to detect obstacles in their path and change course accordingly to reach the destination safely. They are able to scan the skies for other drones or aircraft as well as the ground for people and animals, and secure an ideal landing zone to deliver their cargo. Now having FAA certification, and fierce competition from Walmart (who boast 30 minute drone delivery times in their Arkansas test stores) the age drone delivery is ready to boom.

Reinventing the Classic

In addition to Prime Air, Amazon is also redesigning their delivery vans. The new models are entirely electric and have a suite of features integrated directly into the vehicle to improve the delivery process. The vans are linked to Amazons logistic network providing drivers with the key information they need to move the packages quickly and efficiently. Detailed information on the order and routes show up on the dashboard onscreen display. The drivers are also connected to Amazon Support to communicate an questions or issues that occur during the process at all times. The Vans also have convenience features such as automatically opening the cargo door when it arrives at the delivery location and locking and unlocking the doors when the driver approaches or steps away from the vehicle.

These new electric vans are being developed by Rivian Automotive and are planned to be operating in 100 cities in the United States by the end of this year. To power their new fleet Amazon is also building a network of charging stations at their delivery centers, ensuring that they can operate reliably as well as lowering fuel expenses when shipping. By 2030 Amazon plans to have over 100,000 of the electric vans in service.