Ecommerce Growth


Strengthening the Market

Have you ever wondered how platforms like Amazon and eBay became so dominant in ecommerce? One major factor is that their users generate value for the platform simply by using it. Rather than just being shops, they have created virtual marketplaces, giving users the opportunity to sell their own products on the platform. Allowing individual merchants to sell on their sites is a great benefit to all involved. It gives customers more options to get the best value, it gives the platform a wider selection of products to attract more customers, and of course, allows the merchants to make money. All of these factors contribute to each other and multiply the effect.

Bringing a large number of customers to one place increases the ability of the merchants to sell to them, and more merchants on the platform means more customers will come there to find the products they are looking for. As this network of customers and merchants grow, the marketplace itself grows stronger, gaining reputation and consumer trust, and then improving the experience with additional features and conveniences, like Amazon’s free shipping if you spend over $25.

Multi-Channel Sales

While these big name marketplaces have ushered in a golden age in ecommerce there are many other emerging platforms like Shopify and Bigcommerce that offer different benefits to merchants as well as additional demographics of customers, making multi-channel selling more important than ever. Having your products for sale on as many platforms as possible allows you to reach far more customers, not only increasing sales but at the same time strengthening each market. The obvious downside is the additional effort required to maintain each new store over more and more marketplaces. Two platforms is twice as much work, three is three times as much work and so on.

Keeping track of all the different inventories and orders can quickly become a mess and hurt your brand, forcing merchants to sacrifice potential sales. Multi-channel management technologies like LvledUp provide merchants with the ability to sell on several platforms at once without any of the extra hassle. By managing all inventory and orders in one place merchants can sell their products on as many platforms as they want without having to put in the additional time and effort that would normally entail. Instead of having to choose between the massive customer base of Amazon or the freedom of Shopify you can simply have both. Being on more markets also strengthens these markets, improving both the seller and customer experience as they grow, bringing in more customers and more benefits to the sellers.