Getting The Most Out of eBay

Getting The Most Out of eBay

The brilliance of eBay is that it allows anyone to sell pretty much anything. From clothing and jewelry, auto-parts and action figures, and even 40 year old bottles of soda, there is almost no limit to what you can find. With millions of people selling millions of products it can be easy to get lost in the sea of competition. To get the most out of all the platform has to offer it is essential to keep up to date on the tools available.

Promoted Listings

The most direct way to get customers eyes on your product is through eBay’s promoted listings advertising feature. Everyone who has looked up an item on eBay has no doubt seen the recommended and sponsored products in the search and on the items page. Getting your items to be these sponsored recommendations has been made very accessible and can provide a great boost to sales.  There are currently three models available, each with their own merits, giving the merchants flexibility to use the method that works best for them.


The basic advertising tool is Promoted Listings Standard. By advertising items with Standard merchants can increase their products visibility, giving it priority in recommendations and more prominently placing it in the search. According to eBay, promoted items are up to 36% more visible than non sponsored listings. One of the greatest reasons to use Promoted Listings Standard is that it operates on a Cost-Per-Sale model, meaning that the seller does not actually have to pay for the listing until their item is sold. They also provide detailed metrics to review track the success of the promotional campaign, and options to adjust the rate at which the sponsored products are shown. Higher ad rates lead to higher traffic and ultimately higher conversion, but at a price, by being able to measure and adjust the rates the merchant is able to find the optimal cost benefit of the advertising, although eBay also provides recommended ad rates based on their own research and data allowing the merchant to quickly and efficiently set up the sponsorship.


Promoted Listings Advanced is a newer advertising model, with a few key differences from Standard. The primary feature of Promoted Listings Advanced is the ability to have your item appear in the #1 spot at the very top of the list when searching. This top spot is the first thing the customers will see when looking for products and is highly valuable. The Advanced campaign operates by merchants bidding on key search terms. The seller selects a variety of keywords pertaining to their product and then determines a bid per click, how much the seller is willing to pay to eBay each time a potential customer clicks their sponsored product from the top spot. Because Promotion Listings Advanced uses a Cost-Per-Click model, merchants are able to assign a daily budget for their campaigns, a very useful safety feature if an item is getting a lot of views but few sales. This prevents the seller from waking up to a sky high advertising bill and is absolutely recommended. In addition to how much the seller bids per click, eBay uses the quality of the listing as a determining factor in which product is chosen to appear the critical top search spot. Quality is based on how professional the listing posted reads, such as correct spelling detailed descriptions, and high quality pictures. The Advanced advertising is ideal for getting products to move quickly as they are seen faster and catch the eyes of customers before they start shopping around.


The most recent sponsored listing system is Product Listings Express. It is designed specifically for auction style items that are sold through bidding. By paying a one time fee the item gains increased visibility in search and similar item recommendations for the duration of the auction listing. Product Listing Express is a simplified advertising method and does not require managing ad rates or keywords. It takes only two clicks from the item page to upgrade it from a standard listing to a sponsored item, giving the seller the benefits of advertising without having to worry about time investment. Originally only available through the eBay App, Product Listings Express has recently been integrated directly to their website on both desktop and mobile platforms. Performance tracking tools are included with Express as well, so sellers can measure how much of a difference the advertising is making to their traffic and sales.

The advertising models on eBay are enormously beneficial to sellers and a great way to grow in the marketplace. The tools themselves are built to be used complimentary to each other, rather than exclusively. While the Standard advertising may work well with some products, adding the Advanced component can increase sales even further. Being built in directly to the platform is an incredibly easy and convenient for merchants to get into advertising without the hassle and cost of going through an outside agency or marketing firm. Utilizing these features is the key to standing out among the competition on eBay.