SEO: How to Maximize Amazon Keyword Research Tools

SEO: How to Maximize Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Amazon has the most extensive search engine for consumer products in the world. The ability to monitor and research key search words can be invaluable to sellers, as well as help improve the everyday customer experience.

However, Amazon themselves do not release collected advertising or volume numbers to the general public, so it is up to the merchants to find this seemingly magic formula of optimized keywords and searches. Below is a list of tools and tips that can assist merchants in finding these keywords.

Amazon Auto-suggest

The first and most basic trick is looking directly at the auto-suggest that appears when searching for products on Amazon. Typing in the first few letters can show you what customers are seeing in the same situation, and provide you with potential keywords to include for your products. The algorithm that decides how, and in what order, the keywords appear is known only to Amazon, and some results are personalized. By signing out or using a different browser to look for these auto-suggested results we can see what the average customer sees and gain a major advantage in visibility.

How to win on Amazon: Tips for successful keyword strategies


Amazon Search Suggestion Expander

You can gain even more information from the auto suggest by adding the Search Suggestion Expander plugin, which provides even more extensive phrases and searches with additional words commonly used together in the searches, as well as easily export the list of common phrases to a file.

How to win on Amazon: Tips for successful keyword strategies is an amazing tool for serious analytical insight into consumer search trends. By typing in the name of a product it lists dozes of searches and keywords related to that with details like search volume, trends, product pricing, and market saturation. You can see below a small sample of the data it returns a simple search for Light Bulb. You can further refine the results by sorting them into categories and even use them across additional platforms like eBay, Pinterest, and Google Trends.



MerchantWords is designed specifically to benefit merchants on Amazon. It is a tool that can show sellers what products consumers are buying. Through its unique algorithm MerchantWords can analyze keyword trends and search volume, find popular categories of items and even determine seasonality allowing you to get a leg up on the competition by knowing when people are buying what products.

Amazon Search Tips

Searching for products on Amazon is important to understanding the experience of your target customers. They will likely be browsing through listings and reviews, and looking for common words and features when deciding what to purchase. Simply reading through a couple of reviews of similar products can help signal customers to buy yours. For example, if reviews of a competing product have common complaints about “the cord is too short” or questions like “Does this work on Windows 10” you can send them directly to your listing by including the answers in the product name, such as “Product X -with 6ft cord” or “-Compatible with Windows 10”.

The Related Searches generated by Amazon are another easy but often overlooked insight into consumer habits. Noticing what customers buy together provides you with the opportunity to offer bundles, essentially making multiple sales while at the same time saving your customers from browsing through the competition.

One last note, that may seem very basic but it Is a mistake made time and time again. Make sure your product is in the correct category. “Windows” in the Home Improvement department are very different from the kind found in Software and electronics.